Welcome to the 18th Sound and Music Computing Conference!

Videos from the scientific program are available on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjvH1Ble2WiVzLQZatAn5EQ

Best Paper Award: 12 Federico Fontana, Hanna Järveläinen and Maurizio Favaro.
Is an Auditory Event more Takete?

Best Presentation Award: 66 Giorgio PrestiFederico Avanzini, Adriano Baratè, Luca Andrea Ludovico and Davide Andrea Mauro.
Ruffle: A User-Controllable Music Shuffling Algorithm

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See you in 2022 (FOR REAL!) in Saint-Etienne (France): https://smc22.grame.fr/

The SMC2021 Conference has been organized as a virtual conference, free for attendees, and has taken place between the 29th of June and the 01st of July 2021.

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