Call for Music

The 2021 SMC music program will include the following events:

  • Streaming of silent films with original soundtracks (includes works from both 2020 and 2021 calls)
  • Networked performances (call for works 2021)
  • Panels on topics related to sound and computing artistic practices during the times of pandemic

2021 Call for works

The organizers welcome submissions in the following categories:

  1. Original electroacoustic soundtracks to selected silent movies (C1)

Composers are invited to create and submit original fixed media stereo soundtracks for short silent films from the restored collection of the Museo Nazionale del Cinema of Turin (Italy). The selected works will be shown during a dedicated streaming event on the SMC web channels. The films must be chosen from the following list:

Download URLs for the films must be requested to <>

All submissions received for this track SMC 2020 will be considered for inclusion in the SMC 2021 program, unless the authors request the submission withdrawal.

2. Networked Performances (C2)

Composers, performers, multimedia artists and collectives are invited to submit proposals for live network-based online performances. How can the artistic multimedia productions, live virtualized performances and interactive audience engagement works explore and negotiate networks’ technical characteristics? We are seeking proposals for new works that manifest original approaches to network interactions within artistic context.

Works with duration of 10 minutes or less are particularly encouraged.

While the organizers will be able to facilitate an online performance and rehearsal (where appropriate) platform, the submitters are entirely responsible for all aspects of production and presentation.

Submitted via the SMC 2021 Easychair portal (, the entry materials should include a single PDF document containing artistic and technical descriptions of the project (300 words maximum each), author’s bio (150 words maximum), links to past sample works related to the proposed project (optional), and links to any other support materials (audio, video, software) via permanent links on streaming engines (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo and Soundcloud) and/or hosting services such as Dropbox or Google Drive. The links need to remain accessible through June 2021.

The call is open to all composers regardless of age and nationality. While you may submit multiple applications, no more than one work for each selected composer/collective will be programmed. Attendance of the artists in online rehearsals, soundchecks and the actual performance is mandatory.

3. Panels (C3)

Composers, artists and scholars are invited to organize an online panel with 3-5 participants on a topic related to sound and computing artistic practices during the times of pandemic. The panel duration should be 45 minutes. A panel moderator will be appointed by the conference chairs.

In the proposal, include the topic title, a short curatorial statement (150 maximum), a list of participating panelists and their biographies.

No more than 3 panels will be selected, one for each day of the conference.