Chris Chafe:

Chafe is a composer, improvisor, cellist and music researcher with an interest in computer music composition and interactive performance. He has been a long-term denizen of the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics where he directs the center and teaches computer music courses. Three year-long research periods were spent at IRCAM, Paris, and The Banff Center, composing and developing methods for computer sound synthesis. He is continuing the SoundWIRE experiments for musical collaboration over the Internet. An active performer, he has performed in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Discs of his works are available from Centaur Records. In the past year he has performed with Roberto Morales, Simon Rose, Pauline Oliveros, Roscoe Mitchell, Mark Dresser, and Dave Douglas, among others. A sound installation, The End of Winter, was recently featured at the Pasadena Museum of California Art. His doctorate in music composition was completed at Stanford in 1983. (

Emilia Gómez:

Emilia Gómez is Lead Scientist of the HUMAINT project that studies the impact of Artificial Intelligence on human behaviour, carried out at the Joint Research Centre, European Commission. She is also a Guest Professor at the Department of Information and Communication Technologies, Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, where she leads the MIR (Music Information Research) lab of the Music Technology Group and coordinates the TROMPA (Towards Richer Online Music Public-domain Archives) H2020 project.

Emilia Gómez’s work has been involved in the Sound and Music Computing Network for many years, contributing in several roles such as author, reviewer and board member. She has also been serving the ISMIR community, being the first woman president of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval. She is particularly interested in improving gender and cultural diversity of our research field. (

Scot Gresham-Lancaster:

Scot Gresham-Lancaster is a composer, performer, instrument builder, and educator. He is a Research Scientist with the startup StrangeData LLC and Visiting Researcher at CNMAT UC Berkeley. The focus of his research is in the sonification of data sets in tight relationships with visualizations, (multimodal representations). As a member of the HUB, he is an early pioneer of networked computer music and has developed many “cellphone operas”. He has created a series of co-located international Internet performances and worked developing audio for several games and interactive products. He is an expert in educational technology. (